Sean Blaze

Multi-talented Producer Sean Blaze began his career in the early 1990s landing his first group “Gangsta Profile” on the Perrion/Priority Records label. Sean Blaze continued his music path over the next several years producing songs for artist such as 50 Cent, Chamillionaire, Juvenile, Lil Keke, Big Pokey, E.S.G., HAWK, Lil O, and the Pop It Off Boys among many others.

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Born Sean Henderson in Houston, Texas on December 13, 1971, Blaze as he is sometimes called learned to D.J. at a young age in a family without any music background. He would sit and listen to the records that his grandmother purchased in a large amount of his spare time. He continued to pursue his involvement in the music and was introduced to recording in 1988 by a group C.O.D. that consisted of Dope-E and K-Rino. Dope-E was involved in C.O.D.’s music production and Blaze had found his love in the game.

By 1990, Blaze had begun to purchase keyboards and drum machines to start developing his craft for hip-hop production. He soon had enough equipment to start his own home recording studio and the entertainment industry had a new player to respect. With his recording studio open for business he began to meet various aspiring recording artist and this lead to meeting his first well-known act Lil Keke. As the promotion of his production began to take notice of the industry Straight Profit Records arrived at this doorstep. This business relationship would jump-start his career bringing in an artist by the name of Z-Ro. Over the next couple of years Sean Blaze would produce about 50 percent to Z-Ro’s recording.

In 1999, Sean Blaze opened Relentless Entertainment’s 2800 s.q.f. recording studio in Stafford, Texas. Through these doors would come just about every Houston Rap Recording Artist and Nationally know recording artist Juvenile.

By 2000, Sean Blaze began touring and recording with Juvenile. This was the break thru that Blaze needed to push his career to another level. During this time Blaze produced records for Juvenile’s U.T.P. Records and landed an opportunity to record 50 Cent and his G-Unit Crew. With this relationship in hand Blaze landed a track “Bloodhound” on the Multi-Platinum “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” which has sold more that 18 million copies world wide. When Sean Blaze returned to Houston he hooked up with Chamillionaire to land his second Platinum placement in his career.

In 2006 Sean Blaze entered the film industry completing several projects (IMDB) to include Lap Dance, Michael Vick Giving Back, Gangland Love Story, At All Cost, Be My Teacher and more.  After well deserved break for the music industry, Blaze has began working with some new young music industry talent – Quinton Sampson & Sarah Savant.

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